Grass reinforcement

We are national suppliers and installers of Golpla. This in an environmentally friendly grass reinforcement system used to strengthen grass parking areas, access roads, paths, driveways and ‘green’ lanes.

The Golpla pavers are made from recycled materials and are laid on a specially prepared base. The pavers can then be filled with soil and seeded or laid as ‘pre-grown’ with turf already growing in the hexagonal cells. Alternatively the system can be filled with gravel preventing movement of the gravel when traffic passes over it.

Under the new planning rules for Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) all new patio areas and non-permeable driveways require planning permission. The Golpla system is fully permeable allowing drainage of surface water therefore it doesn’t need planning permission under the new rules.

Once the grass has established itself into the base below, cars can safely traffic the area without the worry of wearing away the grass or causing ruts. Long term, the area is easily maintained and requires the same maintenance as a normal grassed area.